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Spring Transition

15_Spring-Rentals-500-x250Aero is now accepting reservations  for aeration and topdressing!   If you know the dates that you need equipment, give us a call and get on our reservation list today.

Topdresser Tycrop MH400 John Deere 4320 Renovaire Ditchwitch 1820 Trencher
Top Dressers (Large & Small) John Deere Tractors Aerators Trenchers
Wacker RD25 Buffalo Turbine SC252 line SC550_Sod_Cutter
Rollers Turbine Blower Stumpgrinders Sodcutters

Turf Equipment Rental

Aero Rental Tractors Mowers Aero Aerators Aero Verticutters

Fleet Pricing

Save Up To 20%For our customers who buy in larger quantities, we have purchasing programs that help you buy the equipment you need at a substantial discount.

Receive up to 20% off on some our largest lines of equipment.   Call us to find out  how to receive substantial discounts on brands such as:

Brand Equipment Offered Aero Discount Minimum Purchase*
EchoShindaiwa Power Tools Trimmers, Blowers, Hedge Clippers, Spreaders Up to 20% $2,500
Trimmers, Vacs, Chippers Up to20% $2500
Gravely Logo Mowers, JSV Utility Vehicles Up to 20% 2 Units



*Please call for complete information.

Tree Care

Vermeer SC252 Stump Cutter


  • 25hp Kohler Engine
  • Trailer Included with Rental
Bluebird SG1314


  • 13hp Honda Engine
  • 12″ Diameter Cutting Head
  • Cuts up to 12″ Depth

Spec Sheet

Currently we sell the full line of Bearcat Chippers

Don’t Forget the Chainsaws & Supplies:


Topdresser Tycrop MH400

Tycrop MH-400

Aero Equipment Topdresser

Turftime TT-2430

Bannerman BTD10

Bannerman BTD-10


  • 4 Cu Yard Hopper
  • Available with Spinners or Conveyor
  • Requires 50hp Tractor
TurfTime Logo

  • 3-5 Cu Yard Hopper
  • Spreads 6′ – 40′
  • Walking Beam Suspension

  • 23 Cu Ft Hopper
  • Brush Topdresser
  • Engine Driven

See the TurfTime In Action

See the TurfTime In Action

Aero Equipment Supply is Arizona’s dealer and rental headquarters for Turf Time, Bannerman, and Gandy products.  We also rent the Tycrop Material Handler for large area topdressing.

Rental Specials

Ventrac with Aeravator
 SEEDER SPECIAL;  Aero is proud to rent the Ventrac 4200VXD tractor with a special

Aeravator attachment.  Not only can it aerator your turf, but it also comes equipped

with a Gandy seeder box with an agitator to help get seed into the holes you make.

 TRAILER POLICY:  Aero rents out single axle trailers with our equipment on-board

for no additional charge.  All trailers are on a ‘first come- first serve’ basis

 WEEKEND WARRIOR SPECIAL:  Pickup your equipment on Friday afternoon and return

it on Monday (Before 9am and with less than eight hours of time on the hour meter)

for a one day charge.

Time To Overseed Your Grass

If you want green grass during the winter in Arizona, October means that its time to change over to a more tolerant type of winter grass, like rye.  Now there are two basic types of rye, perrenial and annual.  Perrenial Rye is typically used if you plan to keep the rye around year-round and Annual Rye is meant to be planted, well, annually.   If the area you are replanting has a lot of trees that provide shade, Perennial Rye will help spots that

The Process:

For best results, there is a process to getting the best result.  If you remember back to your gradeschool days, you’ll remember that the plants rely on a process called photosynthesis, which involve the grass getting enough water and sunlight.  Since we want to give the new grass the best chance for fluorishing, you have to prep the area that you plan to seed.

  1.  A few weeks before you are going to put down seed, continually lower the heights of the mower.  If you try to cut too much at once, you’re going to hurt the bermuda plant, and since we want it to go dormant (not kill it), that’s not a good thing.
  2. Dethatching or Verticutting (Vertical Mowing) is a great way to prep the ground to receive the seed.  There are several ways to do this, you can purchase a special blade for your mower that has a spring tine on it or you can rent a power rake, which is a better way/ quicker way to get the job done.  Verticutting cuts through the thatch layer that forms a canopy on the ground.
  3. Use your mower as a vacuum.  If you have never verticut your grass, you’ll be surprised about how much thatch will come up.  Instead of spending time raking and shoveling all the grass into trash cans, use your mower as a vacuum cleaner and suck up all the dead grass.
  4. Get ready to put some seed down.




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Weekend Specials… Really?

Where Are Your Store Locations?

Aero currently has one location in Arizona, located at:

3161 N. 35th Ave

Phoenix, AZ 85017 (Get Directions)

What Are Your Store Hours?

Monday – Friday 7am – 4pm

Saturday – Sunday Closed

Afterhour and Emergency Service Available at (602) 256-6250


New Equipment In Inventory


We have recently added the John Deere 110TLB (Tractor/Loader/Backhoe) into our rental inventory.  They have proven to be an excellent piece of equipment for our mix of rental equipment.  Not only are they excellent to be used as tractors with front buckets, but the fact that you can put a box blade behind it, or a dedicated backhoe unit, makes this unit a real powerhouse.   The compact frame allows the JD 110 to get into areas that full size backhoes can’t.  If that wasn’t enough, the digging “breakout force” of a JD 110 is comparable to that of larger backhoes.  Try one today, and see why Aero recommends the John 110TLB.

JD 110TLB Tractor Backhoe JD100TLB_Loader_Backhoe