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Billygoat SC181H Sodcutter   (Available for Rental or Purchase)
The Next Gen 18″ Hydro-Drive Sod Cutter for Golf applications is perfect for soft touch, shallow cut, bent grass. With variable ground speeds – forward and reverse – and intuitive controls, this sod cutter is the easiest to operate and most comfortable to use sod cutter on the market.
Billy Goat SC180H
Bluebird SC550A Sodcutter  (Available for Rental or Purchase)
The SCG550 model is designed for golf courses and country clubs that have a need to remove and replace sod in small targeted areas. With 0.25” cutting depth increments up to 2.5”, this unit can tackle all of your needs and grass types. The knifed outside blade edges allow the machine to easily cut through running stem grasses
Bluebird SC550A
Ryan Sodcutter Jr   (Available for Purchase)
The improved Jr. Sod Cutter sports a host of new features, including reduced hand/arm vibration, cut by a remarkable 75 percent for more comfortable operation. A pneumatic rear castor wheel with lockout allows for cutting around curved landscape features or straight strips with unmatched precision.  Available with a 12″ or 18″ blade and with either a Briggs and Stratton or Honda engine.
Ryan Sodcutter AZ
Classen SC18 /8.0   (Available for Purchase)

The SC18 /8.0 model is one of the most versatile sodcutters in the industry. With blade widths from 12″ -24″ (18″ is standard), you can choose how much grass to remove.  The Classen Gear-Drive Sod Cutter makes sod cutting easy; leaving level ground to build a new path, walkway, patio, or to establish new flower beds.


Classen SC18
Always wear the proper protective gear when operating sodcutters.  See Manufacturer’s recommendation for specific safety items, which include but are not limited to: gloves, protective eyewear, and closed-toe shoes.

Infield Groomers

Infield Groomer

A Simple Infield Groomer  :

The simple but rugged design of the TurfTime Equipment Triple Play Infield Groomer makes it one of the best and most efficient tools for grooming infields.

A Professional Groomer at a Reasonable Price:

Our Triple-Play groomer will loosen, level, smooth, and broom finish your infield
for secure footing and ball bounce players expect at a very competitive price.

A Versatile Tool for Many Grooming Jobs:

Our groomers aren’t just for the infield.  They are equally at home on a sandy beach
or parking lot, and can smooth unpaved trails, horse tracks and driveways.


Triple Play 78 Triple Play 60
 Triple Play 78 Triple Play 60

Turf Time’s TRIPLE PLAY 78 Infield Groomer is designed for scarifying, cleaning, leveling, and brushing the infield.  The leveling section, rear brush, and front ripper teeth are made to level and maintain your infield.

Turf Time’s TRIPLE PLAY 60 Infield Groomer gives you the professionally manicured look at a reasonable price.  The Infield Groomer will replace nail & chain drags, coco mats, scarifiers, and levelers.  The TP-60 is an economical choice for maintaining your infield.

Call  For Pricing & Availability at (602) 256-6250 or (800) 585-8776


Brouwer Rollers

Brouwer BTR30 TR224 Turf Roller
The BTR 30 turf roller from Brouwer® is a great tool for sod install and renovation.  This compact roller is easy to maneuver and is both economical and reliable.

BTR 30 Turf Roller

Engine 5.5-hp Honda
Drive Hydrostatic
Steering Manual
Specifications Roller width: 30″
Weight Empty – 530 lbs , Full – 1010 lbs.
Speed 0-4.5 mph
Length 63″
Height 40″
Width 34″
The TR 224 turf roller is great for sod installs that are small or large.  This riding roller is easy on turf and the operator, with lever-assist steering, clutchless transmission and single-lever shifting.

TR 224 Turf Roller

  • Lever assist steering for exceptional maneuverability.
  • Honda 5.5-hp engine for reliability and economy.
  • Proven single-lever F-N-R clutchless transmission.
  • Unique rounded-edge rollers prevent turf damage.
  • Two fill-drain plugs per roller for convenience.
  • 24″ wide rollers for access to narrow paths.
Download the Brouwer Rollers Brochure



BARRETO 1620B Walk Behind Tiller
Barreto 1620B Model 1620BBriggs & Stratton V-Twin 16HP

Length: 77″
Width: 27″
Height: 44″
Tilling Width: 20″


BEFCO 66″ Tow Behind Tiller
Model T60-366Works on 30-60hp Tractors
Width: 72″
Height: 44″
Tilling Width: 66″
Weight: 740 lbs.Side shift Optional!
Requirements: Tractor with 3 Point Hitch & PTO


Price $299.99


Large capacity rugged spreader for heavy-duty, all-purpose use and includes a lifetime gear warranty.

  • Welded, Epoxy-coated Frame
  • Finger-tip Adjustable Rate Control
  • Lifetime Gear Warranty


Dry Weight 26.8 lbs
Hopper Height 27 in
Handle Length 36 in
Hopper Capacity 1.3 cu. ft.
Tires 13 in. diameter
Frame Metal

Price $199.99


Large capacity hopper for areas greater than one acre.

  • Welded, Epoxy-coated Frame
  • Finger-tip Adjustable Rate Control
  • 13 cu. ft. Hopper


Dry Weight 22.5 lbs
Hopper Height 27 in
Handle Length 31 in
Hopper Capacity 1.3 cu. ft.
Tires 13 in. diameter
Frame Metal


$555  MSRP


  • Adjustable stainless steel snap-on bottom and slide with triangular openings spaced 1-1/8″ inches apart
  • Bottom and slide snaps off for quick removal and cleaning
  • Steel tri-bar rotor gives internal agitation
  • Spread plate included to evenly distribute material over the surface area
  • Positive shutoff lever closes the slide stopping flow and eliminating dribble
  • Porous oil-impregnated bearings for long life


Hopper Height 12.5 in
Handle Length 36 in
Hopper Capacity 1.8 cu. ft.
Tires 12 or 13 in. diameter
Hopper Material Steel


Did Gasoline Destroy Your Small Engine?

The following article was put on my desk this morning as “interesting reading.”   The report was done by Doug Ryan, the Service Manager at Fred’s Duxbury Fix-It Shop in Duxbury, MA, and it gives a very compelling argument for watching what you put in the fuel tank of your 4 stroke and 2 stroke engines.  As a company, handling fuel is a very volatile, costly, but very necessary ordeal.  You have to consider how to store it , protect it, buy it at the best price, and what if you do all of this, and then find out that your gasoline is actually doing more harm than good for your small engines?  After reading it, I couldn’t help but think of the countless numbers of carburetors, fuel lines, and fuel filters we sell every year, and wondering if old gasoline could be the issue in most cases.  I think Mr. Ryan makes a very compelling argument.

Fuel Hints.


In our collective efforts to protect our environment by consuming less petroleum and spewing less by-products of that petroleum into the atmosphere, today’s automobile fuel contains ethanol at –a federally mandated- 10% (10% ethanol / 90 % gasoline).

Ethanol is a cleaner source of energy, and the corn that produces ethanol is a renewable source, these two points are overwhelming positives for our daily travel needs. However, in the small engine world… the added ethanol becomes an unavoidable negative to your fuel system. Before we discuss its negative side, let’s explore the realm of ethanol and discover -where you use ethanol in your daily lives – besides that 10% in your automobile’s fuel tank.

Here is a list of some of the products we use every day that contain ethyl alcohol, more commonly known as ethanol… which is the same stuff that’s in our fuel tanks:

Hairspray, mouthwash, perfumes and cologne, shave lotion, deodorants, sanitizers, soaps and shampoos… cough treatments and decongestants.

As a solvent… household disinfectants contain as much as 80% ethanol, and it’s also used as cleaning agents for paint and varnish, lacquer and glue.

That Martini you may have just finished? Yup… grain alcohol, ethanol distilled and controlled to meet human consumption standards, but never the less… ethanol.

For further information please refer to:

The negatives: Small engines weren’t considered in the production of 10% ethanol fuel.

1, Ethanol fuels attract atmospheric humidity (water vapor). When this attracted water, (as little as .05 percent of the fuel tank’s volume,) and ethanol are in your fuel system, the water separates from the lighter gasoline and GRAVITY settles this water to the bottom of the fuel tank. Remember, in most cases, fuel flow to your carburetor is accomplished by GRAVITY. Get the picture here? GRAVITY pulls that attracted water to the bottom of your fuel tank, and from there into the fuel line and on… into your engine’s carburetor. Now, your entire fuel system is contaminated with water… the quality of your small engine’s carburetor has been compromised, and perhaps permanently damaged. It is highly recommended that your home fuel containers are always fully capped to seal your fuel from the atmosphere.

2, Ethanol adds additional oxygen to the fuel in your small engine… this –oxygenation- can lean out the fuel /air mixture thereby increasing the engine’s operating temperature, this a potentially harmful condition for your engine. Because of the EPA’s requirements, today’s carburetors have limited adjustment. Following those requirements, small engine service points no longer have the opportunity to -FULLY adjust your carburetor- to accommodate this artificially created lean condition.

3, If your small engine has previously run with the older fuels (prior to the introduction of 10% ethanol,) the ethanol introduced becomes a solvent that will loosen the deposits left behind by the previously available non-ethanol fuel, (remember the paint thinner solvent from mentioned earlier?) It can break down residual deposits left by your older fuel, and these particles can restrict the interior carburetor passages. Once these passages are restricted, a POOR or NO run condition will exist. Once plugged, these passages are permanently restricted, and your carburetor will need to be replaced.

Small 2 cycle engines share the same fuel problems as described on earlier, and more:

1, During periods of non-use, ethanol alcohol can cause the oil/fuel mix to separate, (phase separation) and that oil / fuel separation will create a condition where the internal working parts…cylinder/piston, crankshaft and bearings can become severely damaged due to the lack of that distributed oil. If your equipment has been idle for 15 minutes… shaking the equipment will remix that separated fuel and oil. Too, shaking your 2-cycle fuel storage containers… will redistribute the oil in that stored fuel. It is our recommendation that fuel containers should be sealed tightly to avoid breathing in the atmosphere’s moisture, and fuel should be stored in a SAFE, cool and dry environment.

2, The higher heat generated by the increased oxygenation of ethanol, may cause cylinder/piston damage.

To summarize:

Today’s automobile fuel has a storage life of 30 days… not too important when you consider the mileage you drive, and how often THAT fuel is replaced. But you use that same fuel in your small engines –when stored for extended periods- your small engine fuel degrades… like your milk going sour. With the use of easily available fuel STABILIZERS… Your fuel’s shelf life can be lengthened according to the manufacturer’s statement on the container.

With your 2-cycle engines, most oils produced and marketed today that are intended to be used in chainsaws, string trimmers, (and other hand held yard equipment)… contain fuel stabilizers. When used according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, these oils can effectively extend the life of your 2-cycle fuel. Of course, the equipment and fluids manufacturer’s recommendations… are the ultimate guidelines.

– F.D.F.S. is not responsible for the owner/operator’s fuel storage and/or the usage of that fuel by the owner/operator in any equipment in question; neither your small engine equipment nor its fuel should be stored in your home. –

This, compiled by Doug Ryan, Service Manager at FDFS, and we thank you for your attention.

Parts Lookup

 AERO has a new parts and equipment website:


Ariens Bluebird Bearcat  Befco  Briggs & Stratton
   Echo Power Equipment  Genie Terex    
 Brouwer Echo  Genie Gravely  Honda Engines
   Little Wonder      
Kohler Little Wonder Locke M T D Mantis
 Multiquip  Oregon   Robin Engines  Ryan
 Shindaiwa Power Tools        
Shindaiwa Stens Tanaka Trucut   Wacker Neuson

Aerial Lifts


  • 19′ Deck Height / 25′ Working Height
  • 30″ Width (Fits through a Standard 32″ Door)
  • Platform Dimensions: 65″ x 30″  (Extends to 104″)
  • Electric (Battery-powered)
  • Non-marking Tires
  • Ground Controls & Platform Controls
  • Power Supply for Electric tools from the Platform

  • 26′ Deck Height / 32′ Working Height
  • 46″ Width
  • Platform Dimensions: 96″ x 46″  (Extends to 128″)
  • Electric (Battery-powered)
  • Non-marking Tires
  • Ground Controls & Platform Controls
  • Power Supply for Electric tools from the Platform
GENIE TZ-3420 Towable Boom Lift

  • 34″ Deck Height / 40′ Working Height
  • 18′ Side Reach
  • 500 lb. Bucket Weight Capacity
  • 2″ Ball Coupler with Surge Brakes for Towing
  • Self-leveling hydraulic Outriggers
  • Electric (Battery-powered)



Model: GS-1930 GS-2646 TZ-3420
Working Height 25′ 32′ 40′
Deck Height 19′ 26′ 34′
Platform Length  (Collapsed)(Extended) 5’4″8’4″ 7’5″10’5″ n/a
Width 30″ 46″ 4’10”
Weight 2702 lbs 4413 3155 lbs
Lift Capacity (lbs) 500 lbs 500 lbs 500 lbs
Tires non-mark non-mark road

Walk-Behind Dethatchers

Bluebird PR-22

  • Honda or Briggs Engines
  • Slicer or Flail Blades Available
Ryan Mataway Ryan Mataway

  • Kohler Engines
  • Slicer Blades
  • Self-propelled
Ryan Mataway RyanOverseeder

  • Mataway w. Seeder Attach.
  • Special Blades
  • Self-propelled

Also Available: Ryan Ren-o-Thin & Encore Power Slicer

Ariens Zero Turn Mowers


Ariens Ride-on Mowers — Turn Another Corner in Your Business

Gravely Zero Turn Mower Image
Ariens® Zero-Turns move beyond mere maneuverability to deliver unmatched reliability, operator comfort, reduced maintenance and professional results you won’t get from other mowers.

That’s because Ariens® Zero-Turn mowers are built to help you get more out of every mowing day. Every feature is engineered with the user in mind- from the short frame designed to easily fit on a trailer to the deluxe adjustable-suspension seat and maintenance- free spindles.

Zoom 34

Gravely PM 34Z Mower Photo
Profits at Every Turn
The Ariens Zoom 34 Mower is a truly unique mower for the landscape professional.  Many of the smaller deck models run several times what this tough mower costs.  With a 14.5hp Briggs Engine, this mower can cut up to 6mph and can squeeze into a standard 36″ gate.  Optional bagger attachment easily attaches onto the discharge chute, and can be removed for transport or to fit through tight areas.

Pro Zoom 54

Ariens Pro Zoom 54 Mower ImageProfessional Quality for Reasonable Price
The Ariens Pro Zoom Commercial Zero-Turn Riding Mower features 3 blades and has 21 cutting positions ranging from 1 in. to 6 in. for versatility. The mower uses a 27 HP Kawasaki engine to help ensure an ample amount of power is provided, and its frame is made with steel for strength. Its zero-turn design allows it to move easily around obstacles found in the grass.

Max Zoom 48

Ariens Max Zoom 48 Mower Photo
Setting the Zero Turn Standard
The Ariens Max Zoom® Series delivers all the features and benefits you would expect from a commercial Zero Turn lawn mower. The Max Zoom® zero turn mower is professional grade quality and delivers exceptional cutting results with every pass. The fully welded tubular steel frame and fixed front axle provide a solid foundation for maximum strength and service life.   The cutting deck also features standard side discharge with optional mulching and bagging capabilities, assured to provide quality professional cutting results for many years.