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Gearmore Flail Deck Mower  Befco Tornado


  • 72″ Wide
  • PTO-driven


  • 72″ Wide Cut
  • Side Eject

  • 60″ Wide
  • PTO-driven

Ariens Zero Turn Mowers


Ariens Ride-on Mowers — Turn Another Corner in Your Business

Gravely Zero Turn Mower Image
Ariens® Zero-Turns move beyond mere maneuverability to deliver unmatched reliability, operator comfort, reduced maintenance and professional results you won’t get from other mowers.

That’s because Ariens® Zero-Turn mowers are built to help you get more out of every mowing day. Every feature is engineered with the user in mind- from the short frame designed to easily fit on a trailer to the deluxe adjustable-suspension seat and maintenance- free spindles.

Zoom 34

Gravely PM 34Z Mower Photo
Profits at Every Turn
The Ariens Zoom 34 Mower is a truly unique mower for the landscape professional.  Many of the smaller deck models run several times what this tough mower costs.  With a 14.5hp Briggs Engine, this mower can cut up to 6mph and can squeeze into a standard 36″ gate.  Optional bagger attachment easily attaches onto the discharge chute, and can be removed for transport or to fit through tight areas.

Pro Zoom 54

Ariens Pro Zoom 54 Mower ImageProfessional Quality for Reasonable Price
The Ariens Pro Zoom Commercial Zero-Turn Riding Mower features 3 blades and has 21 cutting positions ranging from 1 in. to 6 in. for versatility. The mower uses a 27 HP Kawasaki engine to help ensure an ample amount of power is provided, and its frame is made with steel for strength. Its zero-turn design allows it to move easily around obstacles found in the grass.

Max Zoom 48

Ariens Max Zoom 48 Mower Photo
Setting the Zero Turn Standard
The Ariens Max Zoom® Series delivers all the features and benefits you would expect from a commercial Zero Turn lawn mower. The Max Zoom® zero turn mower is professional grade quality and delivers exceptional cutting results with every pass. The fully welded tubular steel frame and fixed front axle provide a solid foundation for maximum strength and service life.   The cutting deck also features standard side discharge with optional mulching and bagging capabilities, assured to provide quality professional cutting results for many years.

Overseeding Arizona


Toro Vac Sweeper John Deere 4320 Buffalo Turbine
Turf Vacs Tractors Turbine Blowers
13 Renothin R Deck Mower 36H13
Verticutters Mowers Seeders / Spreaders


Steiner Tractor

Steiner Web






One of the most versatile and easy-to-use tractors available on

the market today.  Quickly attach one of over a dozen implements

onto the front of the tractor and change them out in under 2 minutes.

 AR240 Core Aerator

 MD472 72″ Mower Deck

 PB200 Turbine Blower

Steiner Core Aerator Steiner Deck Mower Steiner Buffalo Turbine Blower
Independent 3/4″ core tine assemblies designed for ease of turning while operating. Full-floating, 3-blade rotary mower. Cutting height is easily changed with single lever adjust. The turbine power blower has a nozzle that rotates 360 degrees continuous by hydraulic motor.

 RS350 Sweeper

 Flex Deck Mower    NEW!

 TL348  48″ Tiller

Steiner Rotary Sweeper  Steiner Flex Deck Mower  Steiner Tiller
 Ideal for clearing away leaves & debris on pathways, parking lots, sidewalks and drives.  Designed by Lastec® and ensures a smooth, professional cut on all types of uneven terrain   Provides 48″ working width & a tilling depth up to 6″ in loose soil.


Ventrac at Aero Equipment

Discover the Ventrac Advantage:

Center Articulating Tractor CENTER ARTICULATING TRACTORDiscover the center articulating and oscillating difference. The Ventrac tractor frame pivots and oscillates in the center giving it incredible flexibility, gentle touch on turf, and an advantage onslopes and rough terrain by keeping all four tires in contact with the ground all the time.
Comfort & Controls COMFORT & CONTROLSSuperb ergonomic S.D.L.A controls are at your fingertips. Combine this with power steeringand a comfort seat, and you will quickly realize why Ventrac operators love to spend hourson their Ventrac.
Finish Mowers FINISH MOWERSVentrac Finish Mowers leave behind a beautiful striping pattern to highlight a high end finishedcut. Ventrac mowers are incredibly durable. Features such as easy height adjustment and a flip updeck design make Ventrac mowers easy to operate and service.
Powerful Compact Tractor POWERFUL COMPACT TRACTORVentrac is relatively light and compact allowing you to get around in tight areas while packing plentyof power. Combine this with four equal sized flotation tires, and you get minimal turf disruption, evenin wet and muddy conditions.
Slope Mowing SLOPE MOWINGVentrac is the ultimate slope mower. With the ability to mow on hills of up to 30 degrees with plenty ofpower and superb handling, Ventrac is the choice of golf courses, landscapers, and anybody with slopes to mow.
Snow Management SNOW MANAGEMENTVentrac specializes in sidewalk snow removal and offers a variety of attachments to tackle light to heavy snow.
V-Plus Warranty V PLUS WARRANTYVentrac offers a 3 year residential and 2 year commercial V-Plus Warranty.
Ventrac Mount System VENTRAC MOUNT SYSTEMWith experience, all Attachments attachments mount quickly without the need of tools or heavylifting in about a minute or less. Quickly disconnect from one attachment, connect to another, andget the job done!
Weight Transfer WEIGHT TRANSFERWeight Transfer improves traction and stability on slopes by transferring weight from front mounted attachment onto the front axle of tractor. Read about how this works.
Your One Tractor Solution YOUR ONE TRACTOR SOLUTIONOver 30 front mounted commercial grade attachments to choose from that mount in minutes orless without tools or heavy lifting. Ventrac is much more than just a mower or loader, it’s truly”Your One Tractor Solution”.
ventrac_4100 turbineblowe_4200 aeravator_4200
Series 4100 Tractor Series 4200 VXD Tractor Series 4200 Tractor
Pictured with 72″ Mower Deck(HM722) &Core Aerator (EB480C) Pictured with Buffalo Turbine Blower (ET200) Pictured with AERA-vator (EA600)
(.pdf) Learn moreabout Sheffield & Yard Card Financing on Ventrac Units.Offers subject to change.  All financing is OAC


Turf Equipment Rental

Aero Rental Tractors Mowers Aero Aerators Aero Verticutters

Fleet Pricing

Save Up To 20%For our customers who buy in larger quantities, we have purchasing programs that help you buy the equipment you need at a substantial discount.

Receive up to 20% off on some our largest lines of equipment.   Call us to find out  how to receive substantial discounts on brands such as:

Brand Equipment Offered Aero Discount Minimum Purchase*
EchoShindaiwa Power Tools Trimmers, Blowers, Hedge Clippers, Spreaders Up to 20% $2,500
Trimmers, Vacs, Chippers Up to20% $2500
Gravely Logo Mowers, JSV Utility Vehicles Up to 20% 2 Units



*Please call for complete information.

Time To Overseed Your Grass

If you want green grass during the winter in Arizona, October means that its time to change over to a more tolerant type of winter grass, like rye.  Now there are two basic types of rye, perrenial and annual.  Perrenial Rye is typically used if you plan to keep the rye around year-round and Annual Rye is meant to be planted, well, annually.   If the area you are replanting has a lot of trees that provide shade, Perennial Rye will help spots that

The Process:

For best results, there is a process to getting the best result.  If you remember back to your gradeschool days, you’ll remember that the plants rely on a process called photosynthesis, which involve the grass getting enough water and sunlight.  Since we want to give the new grass the best chance for fluorishing, you have to prep the area that you plan to seed.

  1.  A few weeks before you are going to put down seed, continually lower the heights of the mower.  If you try to cut too much at once, you’re going to hurt the bermuda plant, and since we want it to go dormant (not kill it), that’s not a good thing.
  2. Dethatching or Verticutting (Vertical Mowing) is a great way to prep the ground to receive the seed.  There are several ways to do this, you can purchase a special blade for your mower that has a spring tine on it or you can rent a power rake, which is a better way/ quicker way to get the job done.  Verticutting cuts through the thatch layer that forms a canopy on the ground.
  3. Use your mower as a vacuum.  If you have never verticut your grass, you’ll be surprised about how much thatch will come up.  Instead of spending time raking and shoveling all the grass into trash cans, use your mower as a vacuum cleaner and suck up all the dead grass.
  4. Get ready to put some seed down.



Ariens Equipment

Ariens Logo

classic_lm21 classic_lm21s classic_lm21sw Pro21
Model 911133

  • Kohler XT7
  • Price: $505.00
Model 911133

  • Kohler XT7
  • Price: $739.00
Model 911134

  • Kohler
  • Price: $759.00
Model 911271

  • Pro 21 Mower
  • Price: $879.00


blade_runner_sp21 blade_runner_spe21 st622 precision_edger
Model 911150

  • Kohler Engine

Price: $489.00

Model 911152

  • Honda Engine

Price: $625.00

Model 911154

  • 6.5hp Briggs

Price: $549.00

Model 986101

  • 6hp Subaru engine

Price: $414.00

All Prices Subject to Change Without Notice.  Call 1-800-585-8776 for current pricing.

ST 622 String Trimmer (Model 946150)

Ariens® String Trimmers get at those places a Walk-Behind mower can’t for a clean, manicured-looking lawn. This model works especially well getting to hard to reach spots under bushes and fences, with a trimming head that pivots up to 15 degrees to the left and right.

  • The 22-inch Cutting Diameter clears a wide area to get the job done fast.
  • Four-Position Head lets you adjust cutting height for a custom look.
  • Pivoting Head pivots side to side up to 15 degrees to get into those hard to reach places under bushes and fences.


Ariens String Trimmer Deck
14 Gauge Deck and 7 Gauge Frame
Provide years of worry free performance and reliability.

Ariens String Trimmer Adjustable Cut Height
4 Cutting Heights
Cutting Height Range from 1 3/16″ to 4 3/8″ to tackle all depths of vegetation.

Ariens String Trimmer Wheel
Spoked Wheels
For maximum maneuverability and effortless rolling in the heaviest conditions.

Ariens String Trimmer Pivoting Head
Pivoting Head
Pivots side to side up to 15 degrees to get into those hard to reach places under bushes and fences.

Ariens Mowers

Ariens® Residential Walk-Behinds make short work of yard work. Afterall, they’re engineered to be tough on unruly lawns but easy on you. They feature adjustable handlebars, safe and upright operator’s zone starting, and the 3-in-1 system that lets you quickly convert from bagging to mulching to side-discharge.

Ariens SLM21 Mower Image

LM21P Push Mower

  • Powerful 6 HP Kohler XT-7
  • Push Mower
  • 1″-3.25″ Cutting Height
  • The 3-in-1 System lets you change quickly from mulching to bagging to side-discharging and get the job done fast.
  • Height Adjustment Brackets give you 6 cutting heights.
  • Solid-Steel Axles and 14 Gauge Stamped-Steel Deck keep this machine going year after year.
Ariens LM21SCH Mower Image

LM 21S Mower

  • Powerful 5.5 HP Honda® GXV OHV Engine features forced splash lubrication and 1.1 Quart fuel tank. (Model 911102).
  • The Self Propelled Infi-Speed™ Drive System with speeds up to 4 MPH.
  • The 2-in-1 System on model 911102 lets you change quickly from mulching to bagging and get the job done fast.
  • Height Adjustment Brackets give you 6 cutting heights.
  • Solid-Steel Axles and 14 Gauge Stamped-Steel Deck keep this machine going year after year.
Ariens ALM21S3 Mower Image

Blade Runner Series

  • Powerful Engine Options – 6 HP Briggs & Stratton® Quantum Engine on the 911091 model or 5.5 HP Honda GCV 160 Engine on the 911097 model.
  • Cast Aluminum Deck rugged, light-weight deck increases maneuverability.
  • Narrow Front Wheel Base allows for better maneuverability and easier trimming.
  • Rear Discharge w/Rear Bagger System optional mulching feature with Mulch Master Plug.
  • Easy Clean Deck to conveniently clean your deck by attaching an optional fitting to a standard garden hose.