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FDS-9200 Turf Dethatcher



Making the Transition from Bermuda to Rye… And Back

LIGHTWEIGHT, FLEXIBLE AND RESPONSIVE.  The fds 9200 is engineered to handle a variety of turf surfaces, from the contours and undulations of a golf course to the flat surfaces associated with sports field maintenance.

VERSATILE.  The fds 9200 is a high speed dethatcher. It helps to prepare turf for overseeding and is seen as a less intrusive alternative to verti-cutting. The easy height / downward pressure adjustment feature of the tines allows the operator to quickly go from evenly spreading top dressing to “tickling” the turf.

INCREASED THATCH REMOVAL FOR HEALTHIER TURF.  The fds 9200’s spring-loaded tines will help create tour quality fairway turf conditions, relieve sport field surface compaction to quickly allow water and fertilizer penetrate the root zone as well as quicken germination of all types of grass seed.

MAINTAIN QUALITY OF SYNTHETIC TURF.  The fds 9200 reduces the G-Rating in athletic fields to make artificial turf feel like “real grass.”

FDS 9200 Art (2) fds-9200-2  



The Woodbay FDS 9200 is available for Rent or Sale at AERO Equipment!


Brouwer BV85 Turf Vac

     BV85 Turf Vac- 12 Yard Capacity

  • Easy to operate fingertip controls
  • Large load capacity
  • Floating pick-up head
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminum sides
  • Hydraulic driven unloading conveyor
  • Anti-scalp wheels
  • 12″ diameter vac hose extension, spring balanced
  • Pick-up head extension up to 120″

BV85 Brush


Now Available with Optional Brush Head


Also Available for Rent From AERO:

Toro Vac Sweeper Gravely Provac 1050  
Toro Rake-o-Vac  Gravely Provac 1060  


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Turf Vacs

Vac Pic 500x

Pictured: John Deere Tractor with Aero Wind Tunnel Vac

AERO rents Gravely, Toro, and Aero’s orginal Wind Tunnel design vacs (Pictured Above).We rent the specialty equipment needed for scalping and other projects.

Wind Tunnel Turf Vac


  • 18hp Kohler Engine
  • 3.5 cu. yard Hopper Capacity
  • Dust Reduction System



Gravely Provac 1050

MODEL: 1050 / 1060

  • 18hp Kohler Engine
  • 3.5 cu. yard Hopper Capacity
  • Gravity Dump

Parts / Owners 


Toro Vac Sweeper

Toro Rake O Vac

  • 23hp Kohler Engine
  • 5 cu. yard Hopper Capacity
  • Brush Attachment
  • High Floatation Tires


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John Deere 4320 John Deere 110TLB Gravely Provac 1050 Toro Vac Sweeper
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Billygoat SC181H Sodcutter   (Available for Rental or Purchase)
The Next Gen 18″ Hydro-Drive Sod Cutter for Golf applications is perfect for soft touch, shallow cut, bent grass. With variable ground speeds – forward and reverse – and intuitive controls, this sod cutter is the easiest to operate and most comfortable to use sod cutter on the market.
Billy Goat SC180H
Bluebird SC550A Sodcutter  (Available for Rental or Purchase)
The SCG550 model is designed for golf courses and country clubs that have a need to remove and replace sod in small targeted areas. With 0.25” cutting depth increments up to 2.5”, this unit can tackle all of your needs and grass types. The knifed outside blade edges allow the machine to easily cut through running stem grasses
Bluebird SC550A
Ryan Sodcutter Jr   (Available for Purchase)
The improved Jr. Sod Cutter sports a host of new features, including reduced hand/arm vibration, cut by a remarkable 75 percent for more comfortable operation. A pneumatic rear castor wheel with lockout allows for cutting around curved landscape features or straight strips with unmatched precision.  Available with a 12″ or 18″ blade and with either a Briggs and Stratton or Honda engine.
Ryan Sodcutter AZ
Classen SC18 /8.0   (Available for Purchase)

The SC18 /8.0 model is one of the most versatile sodcutters in the industry. With blade widths from 12″ -24″ (18″ is standard), you can choose how much grass to remove.  The Classen Gear-Drive Sod Cutter makes sod cutting easy; leaving level ground to build a new path, walkway, patio, or to establish new flower beds.


Classen SC18
Always wear the proper protective gear when operating sodcutters.  See Manufacturer’s recommendation for specific safety items, which include but are not limited to: gloves, protective eyewear, and closed-toe shoes.

Overseeding Arizona


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fds-9200 greensiron-3900-2
FDS 9200 Turf Dethatcher Greens Iron 3900 G Roller


Infield Groomers

Infield Groomer

A Simple Infield Groomer  :

The simple but rugged design of the TurfTime Equipment Triple Play Infield Groomer makes it one of the best and most efficient tools for grooming infields.

A Professional Groomer at a Reasonable Price:

Our Triple-Play groomer will loosen, level, smooth, and broom finish your infield
for secure footing and ball bounce players expect at a very competitive price.

A Versatile Tool for Many Grooming Jobs:

Our groomers aren’t just for the infield.  They are equally at home on a sandy beach
or parking lot, and can smooth unpaved trails, horse tracks and driveways.


Triple Play 78 Triple Play 60
 Triple Play 78 Triple Play 60

Turf Time’s TRIPLE PLAY 78 Infield Groomer is designed for scarifying, cleaning, leveling, and brushing the infield.  The leveling section, rear brush, and front ripper teeth are made to level and maintain your infield.

Turf Time’s TRIPLE PLAY 60 Infield Groomer gives you the professionally manicured look at a reasonable price.  The Infield Groomer will replace nail & chain drags, coco mats, scarifiers, and levelers.  The TP-60 is an economical choice for maintaining your infield.

Call  For Pricing & Availability at (602) 256-6250 or (800) 585-8776


Brouwer Sod Equipment

Brouwer BTR30 TR224 Turf Roller BV85 Vac
BTR 30 TR 224 BV 85
Brouwer Turf Equipment
Rollmate 48in Monument Setter Brouwer Mark 2 Sod Cutter
RM 2448

Monument Setter

Mark 2 Sod Cutter